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Tell me now about you!

What do you want?

What do you have?

I need to know who will be doing what, how you are going to share and how often. I need to know how you are going to itemize and plan all your tasks within your schedule, with vision. It is the time to think, considering all of the other responsibilities. Ahhhh and how you are going to disconnect from work?

Look and comment:

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Estrella, vaca, interrogante o perro?

Mira este vídeo de Amazon Go y dímelo tu



A parte, lee y comenta estos otros  2 artículos, uno sobre las tiendas pop up y otro sobre “carne cultivada” y comenta aquí en el blog:



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We are now in the heart of the business plan: the Marketing Plan. There are two main characters: product and customer.

We need to focus: science says that the fundamentals of marketing are summarized in the 4Ps, that is: product, price, advertising and point of sale.

Let’s go through them separately:

We are especially going to give our product VALUE, and we are going to do that with quality, innovation and service. And we are going to MASTER our product.

We will integrate all elements of the product in a feeling, an impact, a concept, to make it useful and we’ll define how to market it. And we’ll see if the consumer likes it and if the consumer comes back to us again and again.

To decide the price we set for our products, the theory explains that many factors must be taken into account. We need to analyze them one by one, extensively, and then choose the method that fits our mission and philosophy given that we are new in the market. For me, setting a price is more an art than a science, and I especially think of: BEST BEFORE ECONOMICAL.

  1. For advertising I’ll bet on the channels that my audience uses, and I will study very well the type of message we use to promote our product.
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Hi all,
In this section we will focus our attention on the following three topics:
-the economic situation,
-the competition
-the customer profile
and we will analyze them to work on our strategy.
So, first, let’s see how domestic demand is in the country, in general, as well as the price of public and private funding. Depending on demand, and on how open and cheap credit is, perhaps we can take some risks.
On the other hand, let’s see who are our most direct competitors and inquire about their:
-location, size, experience, range of products and services, prices, promotions, discounts, … number of employees, work environment, customer service, style and decoration of the premises… and if necessary, we’ll visit them!
And finally, let’s take a step further to define the profile of our ideal client besides its size, sector, or location, … we will define the business culture that we would like our customers to have so that we can relate more to their needs and they can recommend us to others like him. Then we’ll see how their business is going economically, okay?
For the competition analysis you can build a table by placing the criteria to evaluate and the names of our competitors and rate from 1 to 5 each criterion. Afterwards, you need to establish some conclusions: strengths to learn from and weak points to improve.
To further define our customer, you can search websites with free databases such as yellow pages, or  check the customer’s websites, and even look at the reports from the Commercial Registry, …
This research may change some of the decisions taken in the first paragraph. If so, be flexible and define your low-cost strategy, quality and warranties policies, location.


Kiwi Solutions, ¿SL, SA, COOP? is a young company of ¿GRANOLLERS, LA GARRIGA? formed by three entrepreneurs dedicated to the sale and delivery of IT services to businesses and individuals.
We install networks, design websites, perform maintenance, sell quality hardware.. .?
We focus on quality, customer proximity and the speed at which we offer solutions,…?
We are computer technology experts by vocation and our main motivation is to offer quality service, aiming at customer loyalty and growth.
Activity: Given the above presentation of Kiwi Solutions determine or end and reason:
-the legal form
-the location
-the motivation and goals
And discuss it on the blog.
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Hello everyone,
After selecting the best business idea, we have to shape up a business plan, whose sections are as follows:
1.Presentation of the idea and culture 
2.Market analysis: environment, competitors and customers 
3.Purchase and stock plan or Production plan for services 
4.Marketing plan
5.Personnel Plan
6.Financial Plan
7.Fiscal plan 
Let’s go!
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